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Step inside The Meditation Room® and discover the key to serenity with these free meditation videos.
We invite you to unplug and recharge with a few minutes of relaxation for your mind, body, and soul. Meditation reduces stress, while also boosting your mental and physical health. See the many reasons why you should meditate.

Guided Meditation Sessions

Meditate with world renowned mindfulness meditation teachers while also experiencing different types of meditation with these guided meditation videos.

Scenic Relaxation Videos

Relax, renew and reduce your stress with the soothing, healing power of nature. Choose from our selection of serene and visually stunning meditation videos.

Live Scenic Relaxation Videos

Let the calm overtake you with the soothing, healing power of nature. Our amazing selection of live meditations feature real places around the world.

Meditating with Icons

People have used icons for thousands of years to focus deeply on the mysteries of creation and the universe. Many find meditating with icons helpful and valuable.