Discover the Real You

We’ve all been there. Finding who we thought was the “right” person, having the best of times and then suddenly, you hit a rough patch! It’s hard to own up the truth, but the fault lies intrinsically within ourselves. Take the time to evaluate your relationship; Create a checklist of…

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Discover the Health Benefits of Friendship

Feeling alone? Suffering from heart health symptoms? Reaching out to friends can help both issues. Studies on the benefits of friendships show that being with friends increases a person’s oxytocin hormone levels. That’s the power of friendship! In short, the value of friendship is essential for better health. Studies also…

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Top 5 Romantic Destinations

Thinking about taking a romantic holiday? There are tons of destinations options out there. Towns with historical significance and exciting nightlife to cities with picturesque landscapes and local romantic legends. In order to truly have a relaxing and romantic time, you’ll need to find the best romantic destinations that fit…

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Resolving Household Disputes

Household chores and financial matters are two common causes for household disputes between couples. Arguing over who should pick up a gallon of milk or pay the next water bill are minor issues that can lead to major problems. Sixty-two percent of couples believe that sharing household responsibilities is necessary for…

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Healing After Sexual Assault

Are we  as a society finally ready to deal head-on with this dirty revelation: every two minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted or abused? Healing after sexual assault shatters and disrupts the core of a person’s sense of safety, self and worth.  The damage inflicted can influence every aspect of a…

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