Celebrate the Feminine Mothers Day

The feminine has been celebrated since ancient Greece and throughout the ages in all cultures, religions, and spiritualities. When I was at Emory, I was fascinated by the theology of the Amma, the holy mother, governing the early monasteries. The Amma was the CEO of the monastery. She was in…

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Mother Earth Day-Celebrate Outdoors

Happy Mother Earth Day, April 22. It’s time to play in the dirt. I’ve been an avid gardener for most of my life. I found getting in the dirt and nature always grounded me.  Gardening has always been a healing balm for my challenging life of stress and depression. Playing…

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credit scoring system, social credit system, social credit score

What is Your Social Credit Score?

Move over Experian and Equifax! We all know about our credit scoring system with credit reporting agencies such as Experian and Equifax. These credit agencies report our standardized credit rating scores to the world. I was intrigued when I heard about this new social credit score system. China’s New Big Idea China…

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Deflection Instead of Reflection, Deflection, Reflection, Spiritual Reflection

Practice Reflection Instead of Deflection

What is “our current state of deflection?” Chuck Todd on Sunday’s NBC Meet the Press used this provocative phrase. He said this about the current political realm we are all experiencing. I keep thinking about how profound his words are. There is a current pandemic of deflection in our country. It…

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an abusive father, physical and emotional abuse, domestic violence

Why Didn’t You Just Leave?

Why Didn’t You Leave? “Why don’t you just leave Mom?” “Please leave.” These were the daily mantras of my tortured life as a child. I have never publicly talked about this but feel it is about time since October is Domestic Violence Month. It is past time to release some…

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