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Veggie U: School Community Gardens

School community gardens are a great way for students to learn science and health lessons; unfortunately, many schools cannot afford to provide such services to our kids. Veggie U, a non-profit, has the solution. They supply classrooms across the country with garden kits and a five-week science program to teach…

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Urban Beehives Save Bee Populations

Urban beekeeping is one of our future keys for not only the survival of bees but for the survival of humankind. Some of Atlanta’s largest companies are participating in saving our planet by investing in bees. AT&T, Delta, Chick-Fil-A, and Cox Enterprises, to name a few, are partnering with an…

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Ben and Jerry’s Teach Mindfulness

What’s better than enjoying a pint of sweet, creamy ice cream? Eating sweet, creamy ice cream made by a company that cares about the global community and environment! No brand has done that better than Ben & Jerry’s. They’ve been making delicious ice cream and giving back to others for…

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KPMG Supports Maternity Leave, KPMG pays Stacy Lewis Maternity Leave, KPMG pays LPGA Star Maternity Leave, Serena Williams Leads Maternity Leave Movement, KPMG is Our Mindful Company

KPMG Pays Golfer Stacy Lewis Maternity Leave

Women who play professional golf are penalized for wanting a family. Women in the LPGA do not get maternity leave when they have a baby. Pausing to begin a family stops the women golfer’s income. Their sponsorship contracts do not usually allow for benefits while having their baby or taking…

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