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Gift Ideas for National Bosses Day

by MLN Staff
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Autumn is a time for thankfulness. The best way to show your appreciation for your boss is by celebrating National Bosses Day.

An MSN-Zogby survey showed that “58 percent of people who work for someone else say that they like their boss. And 14 percent consider their boss a personal friend.” Still, no matter your relationship, celebrating Bosses Day may make a positive difference.

The Creation of National Bosses Day

Bosses Day was created in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at a State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois. She chose October 16th in honor of her father/employer’s birthday. This national holiday is now celebrated in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and India. Haroski insisted on the creation of Bosses Day, as a time to thank bosses, but most importantly to improve relationships between supervisors and employees.

If your office is considering celebrating Bosses Day it’s important to keep a few suggestions in mind. First, this holiday should inspire employees to work together, building team morale. Keep the details specific, with heartfelt gestures and personalized gifts. Lastly, think simple and affordable (within a modest range for employees).

Bosses Day is traditional on October 16th, but since most workers won’t see their boss on the weekend consider celebrating today.

Gifts for National Bosses Day

If you’re looking for more inspiration listed below are a few celebration ideas.

  1. A group celebration. Have a smorgasbord picnic in the office. Everyone can bring a dish and you can have a small party. You can also come up with short sweet speeches and presentations of thanks too.
  2. Group gifts. A collaborative effort is a great idea. The more employees you have the less money is needed individually. You can buy gift cards, flowers, and other treats.
  3. The perfect card. Having everyone sign a greeting card is a great tradition, but why not go a step further. Instead of just signing your name, write positive feedback too. It’ll make their day and your boss will learn how their leadership affects the office.
  4. Care packages. If you’re not interested in group gifts consider creating care packages, in which everyone brings a gift to contribute to a basket. The office can create a basket full of the boss’ favorite snacks or certificates to their favorite stores.
  5. Humorous presents. Does your boss have a sense of humor? An amusing gift may be just up their alley. A funny mug or plaque specially made for them may be ideal.

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