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Cisco: Helping Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance

by MLN Staff

Congratulations Cisco for being one of our Mindful Companies! Cisco has a great commitment to helping their employees and their families achieve a life of balance.

Their employee assistance program offers services such as legal advice, well-being seminars, and emergency assistance and support. There are also workplace counseling services and web based resources for mental and physical health. They  also have a worldwide Employee Discount Program that provides discounts for their employees at hundreds of retailers.

The following are wonderful benefits for Cisco employees and their families

  • Adoption support. The company offers $2500 adoption assistance towards the cost of an adoption.
  • Childcare services. They provide childcare assistance for their 25,000 prized  employees. They also offer enrichment programs for the children such as: language classes, music, gym and others.
  • Breastfeeding support. Mother’s rooms are offered to support the privacy for mothers choosing to nurse their babies.
  • Elder care. Cisco assists employees in care options, educational resources, and consultation for their elderly dependents.
  • Healthy services. They provide fitness services, personal training, and health education for their employees.
  • Onsite services. This includes car oil change, car detailing, dry cleaning, and haircuts.

Who wouldn’t want to work for this Mindful Company? Congratulations and thank you for your commitment to mindful living for your employees and your customers!

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