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Dr. Laura Stachel: We Care Solar

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In 2008, Dr. Stachel was doing her dissertation in Africa and saw the huge mortality rate from any surgery and births after the sun went down. Electricity is unreliable in many areas of Africa due to power outages. The sun goes down, there is no light, and sometimes doctors are forced to perform emergency surgeries and births in the dark. This is why there’s an extremely high mortality rate in medical clinics after dark.

Dr. Stachel and her husband, Hal Aronson, created the “solar suitcase.” They named their company “We Care Solar.” This power unit sits in a small suitcase and the solar panels are powered by the sun. It holds the solar light in this special device. When night falls the solar suitcase lights the night for two days. Each “solar suitcase,” costs $1500 each. And apparently, the maternal and surgery deaths are down where they have the “solar suitcases.”

Nokia Health Awards are a highly prized tech award contest for the best-developed technology of the year. The winner gets $50,000. Dr. Stachel and Mr. Aronson won the 2011 award and the $50,000, which buys 33 “’solar suitcases.” These “solar suitcases,” will save more lives and bring true light into the darkness!

Congratulations to our Mindful Hero, Dr. Stachel!

To learn more visit, We Care Solar.

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