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How can I develop my spirituality?

Maggie, We live in a stressful world where individuals, governments, and corporations are increasingly unstable. Each of us must find peace, security, comfort, and wisdom in some experience of the Holy.

Begin to develop your own spirituality. What do you love, and what makes your heart sing? Where do you feel most connected with the Divine? How can you create time and space to grow and persevere in a long-term relationship with your spirituality?

Make your home reflect what you respect, revere, and love in our world. Your home is your sanctuary and a place to enjoy your connection with the Divine in every way. Colors can create an enlightening feeling. Filling and surrounding your home with running water, trees, plants, stones, and bird feeders, not to mention planting a simple garden, can create a constant connection with the Holy.

Create personal spiritual space in your home, in your car, and at your office. This intimate personal space can be photographs of people, pets, or places you love. Paintings, inspirational sayings, or tapestries can create a soulful environment. Keep wraps, shawls, or special blankets around to remind you of your connection with the Divine. Be creative with your personal space.

Read books on different religions and spiritualities. Create a study group for spiritual growth that meets regularly. Begin weekly home devotionals with the entire family. Read something inspirational and discuss the reading to engage everyone’s perspective. Create open discussions at your family devotions and listen to how your children feel about the Divine. Listen deeply and encourage them to ask you questions.

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