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How to Heal from Divorce

Long after the ink has dried on the settlement papers, divorcees may be plagued with feelings of heartbreak and anxiety. Many people try to push back these feelings, but this will only mask the pain and cause further agony later on. In order to truly move on you have to take the time to heal form divorce.  When you are ready to heal from divorce just remember it can be mentally and physically devastating.

To rise up and heal from divorce, you’ll need four, healthy doses of self-love.

First, let go. To move forward consider allowing yourself a mourning period. It’s therapeutic and can help you to deal with the bulk of your emotions upfront. Some have suggested writing in a journal, attending divorcee support groups, or talking with a specialist. By working out your feelings you’ll be able to let go.

Secondly, accept it. Once you’ve grieved it is important not to slip back into thoughts of regret or denial. Psychologist, Dr. Phil McGraw, says that if you find yourself clouded with doubt or regret change “the negative tapes that run on your mind.” Eliminating negative energy by coming up with your own positive mantra will help you feel better, emotionally and physically.

Thirdly, reinvest in yourself. After a divorce why not take some time for self-exploration? Reinvest in your health. Consider taking up yoga or learning to meditate. Relax the analytical side of your brain and get creative. You can try painting, photography or dance classes. Consider setting time aside to pamper yourself with a treat like a warm bubble bath or take yourself out on a date.

Lastly, look to the future. Instead of looking to the past, start planning for your future. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity to achieve? Consider creating a list of career and life goals. Be adventurous; consider meeting new people or traveling to new places with friends. Don’t forget to count your blessings and show your support system (family or friends) just how much you appreciate them.  Life after divorce can seem frightening but take your time to  heal from divorce and be cheerful for what’s next in your life.

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