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Melancholy on a Rainy Day

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Got out of bed this morning with bleak skies, rain and leaves falling to the earth and there was a humid slowness to the gravitational pull. The dogs love to sleep most of these days away.

The farmers always say that the energy changes when it is dark, misty, and gloomy. The animals naturally slow down and sleep. I know we would too if we didn’t have our hectic schedules. On rainy days maybe we can have a new Mindful Living policy that we are allowed to take morning and afternoon naps like our animals. Maybe we would be more in rhythm with nature and not be so moody and angry if we could just follow the lead of nature. Must haves on melancholy days are soup, cozy blanket, old movies, books, loose fitting clothes, and a cat or dog by your side. Yep, it’s the perfect recipe for a tail wagging, soggy day.

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