Order Your Special Pizza Today

I am sure you have noticed over the years the sightings of images of Mary and Jesus that appear in the media outlets. Over the years they have reported images in the media of images of the Virgin Mary or Jesus on an overpass, under a bridge, on a door, on a tree, and the list of appearances are unending. But this sighting had me bursting out laughing.

The news reported there was a report of the image of Jesus in a pizza oven. Yes, just when you think you have heard it all, Jesus in a pizza oven. I think even if I thought I could see an image of Jesus in my oven I would not have called the news. I saw the report and am one of the unfaithful that could only see blobs on the side of the oven. The man’s pizza business surely picked up. Who wouldn’t want a pizza baked in an oven with Jesus in it?

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