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Plan a Eco-Friendly Wedding

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Weddings can be costly; in fact, the average wedding costs nearly $27,000. But weddings can hurt more than our wallets; it can also hurt the environment. Green Bride Guide reports that on average one American wedding will produce 62 tons of carbon dioxide and up to 600 lbs. of garbage. And with 2.5 million weddings held in American every year this can add up to 155 million tons of carbon dioxide and 1.5 billion pounds of garbage every year. Help reduce your impact on the environment by having an Eco-friendly wedding.

Here are some Mindful tips for an Eco-friendly wedding:

The Rings

 Finding the right wedding band is important, but the gold that’s used to make wedding rings often come from mines that “pollute the air, poison the water, and produce toxic waste.” These gold mines are often hazardous for the workers as well. So when you’re shopping for rings consider “green” jewelers who make their masterpieces with conflict-free diamonds, recycled gold, and “upcycled” metals. Learn more here.

The Invitations

A lot of paper will be needed at an average wedding. Things like ceremony programs, printed menus, place cards, and invitations can really add up and cost a lot of trees. Used recycle paper or stationary when possible. Or try to limit your paper needs by sending invitation online or by setting up a webpage that people can visit for further information about your wedding. They’ll get their invitations immediately and you won’t have to worry about licking all those envelopes.

The Dress

 Buying an expensive dress that you only plan to wear once isn’t a very eco-friendly idea. Fortunately, many brides are coming up with creative, alternative solutions like buying dresses that are made from sustainable fabrics or making their own dress. There was even one bride who made her wedding dress from 10,000 recycled bread tags. If you aren’t prepared to take such creative steps consider buying a pre-owned dress at a great discount.

The Flowers

 Having fresh flowers at a wedding can be expensive, especially when they are exotic and not grown locally. The environmental cost of transporting a van full of exotic flowers isn’t ideal either. Instead consider using only locally grown, organic flowers or growing your own flowers for the wedding. Instead of vases full of flowers, use potted plants are your centerpiece/party favors. Also consider carrying a unique bouquet made from vintage flower brooches.

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