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Resolving Household Disputes

Household chores and financial matters are two common causes for household disputes between couples. Arguing over who should pick up a gallon of milk or pay the next water bill are minor issues that can lead to major problems. Sixty-two percent of couples believe that sharing household responsibilities is necessary for a successful relationship. And couples that disagree about finances weekly are thirty percent more likely to get divorced.

Here are ideas that’ll help you solve household disputes about finances and chores:

Recognize the issues

Take some time to analyze the problems with the current arrangement of the chores and finances. Ask questions like:

Do you feel like you’re doing more than your fair share around your home?

Does your mate feel like their work isn’t appreciated?

Do you feel that your mate spends more than you both can afford?

Do you believe that the household budget is too strict?


Once you understand each other’s concerns, it’s time to get organized. Household chores: Make a master household chore list. Feature every task that must be completed in order for the home to run smoothly like paying bills, cutting the grass, picking up the children from school, or walking the dogs. Financial matters: First, devise a set of financial guidelines together. For instance, how much can you or your partner spend on purchases without having to inform the other person? Next, map out your short-term goals. How much money will you save for a vacation or for new furniture? And don’t forget your long-term goals. When do you plan to buy a home or resolve your student debt?

Work together

Once you organize your affairs, find a solution together. Household chores: Discuss each task on your list. Decide how to equally divide the responsibilities. Try taking on tasks that your partner usually did, to further understand their distress. If there’s a chore that you both dread come up with a rotating system (every other week or month). Financial matters: Decide on appropriate budgets for everything, from your groceries to your entertainment. If you disagree on a number try to find a compromise.


After a while (a couple of weeks or months), sit down and discuss whether or not the arrangements for your chores or finances are working.

If either of you are still not satisfied repeat steps three and four.


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