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Serenity Slows Aging

Serenity is the opposite of stress. Learn a few simple practices that scientific research has proved lowers blood pressure, slows aging, lowers your heart rate, gives you an immune boost and reduces the stress hormones in your body.

These practices also help your body produce calming healing hormones that de-stress the mind and body and slows aging.

A short meditation

Meditation can increase the size of your brain, boost your immune system, decrease your blood pressure, your heart rate and reduce cholesterol. Lowers depression and anxiety.

Prayer group

Begin or join a prayer group in your neighborhood, your church, synagogue, or at a senior center.

Repeat a positive affirmation

Repeating a positive affirmation when you are stressed reduces the production of stress hormones. Create an affirmation you love, such as, I am strong, I am in control, everything has a purpose.

Inspirational books

Reading positive inspirational books and daily writings help lift spirits and create optimism.


Listening to music creates healing hormones in the body. Download to your iPod your favorite relaxing music, use CD’s and listen to it for a few minutes when you are stressed and it will create calm.


Listening to nature sounds can reduce stress and depression. Download bird, water or nature sounds to your iPod, or get CD’s and when you are stressed listen to nature and relax. Walk outside if you can.

Guided imagery

Play a guided imagery tape or just memorize your own.


Turn on a television comedy or listen to a funny radio show. Stress decreases artery diameter by 35 percent and laughter increases it by 22 percent.

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