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Sun-Powered Summer Tech

Are you looking for gear for your next summer adventure? Consider buying products that are powered by the sun. It’s convenient and better for the environment. Plus, with the long summer days there’s plenty of sunshine for you to take advantage of sun-powered products.

Listed below are some sun-powered products for you to try

Solar backpacks

 Solar backpacks are a great tool to have during the summer. When you go hiking, picnicking, or visiting the beach, pack what you need in a book bag equipped with waterproof, solar panels. The solar power allows people to keep their gadgets charged as they explore the great outdoors. This particular model has solar panels that last 20 years and they charge a phone one percent for every two minutes of sunshine.

Solar coolers

 Packing food for trips or destination barbecues usually means a large plastic box with a lot of ice and water, but over the years, inventors have gone high tech with coolers. People can make their own DIY solar coolers, but there are also heavy duty, portal coolers that people can buy. They also harness the power of the sun to keep items cool. Here’s one example.

Solar window chargers

 When traveling in a car for road trips or other summer adventures, people tend to take turns using the car charger to recharge their phones. But today people can attach solar window chargers can attach to windows in the car (or at home), store energy, and power smartphones later. There are many models to consider—here’s just one.

Solar cookers

Summer is all about delicious food and enjoying the great outdoors. Now people are using the power of the sun to cook outside. This particular solar cooker can bake, boil, or fry food for eight people at a time. They even list recipes people can make with the device.

Solar speakers

 Every beach party or pool party needs great music. People can now amplify the music from their smartphones using a solar speaker. This solar model connects to a phone and amplifies sound—it even recharges the phone as well.

Solar lanterns

 Solar camping gear is fairly common nowadays—there are solar tents, solar camp stoves, and, of course, solar lanterns. Solar lanterns can come in handy when people go camping, but also when hosting a late night summer party. A few hours in the sun can keep the lantern’s battery charged for hours. There are many models to choose from, including this one.

Solar fans

 Sometimes when the great outdoors lacks a breeze, people have to make their own. A portal solar fan is the perfect solution. This is a mini one that can fit practically anywhere.

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