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Tips for Summer Romance

by MLN Staff

The passion for even the most hopelessly romantic partners can go stale. Fortunately, August (which is known as Romance Awareness Month) is the perfect opportunity to remedy the situation. Follow our summer romance tips and bring some light to your love life.

We are addicted to romance. In fact, romantic entertainment and romantic services for couples are thriving businesses—“The Bachelor” (the popular television franchise) brought in $86 million in advertising revenue this year, romance novels are a $1.08 billion industry, online dating and matchmaking services generate $3 billion in revenue, and the average amount spent on wedding services in America totals $35,329. One would assume that with this constant saturation of romance in our lives, fostering healthy romantic habits would be easy, but it’s far more challenging than that.

Many couples get stuck in a romantic rut from time to time. The cure? Making time for one another and crafting creative gifts or activities for your loved one. With the warm weather, fun outdoor opportunities, and great summer deals, you can find ample opportunities to fan the flames of your love. For more advice, check out the tips below.

4 Tips for Summer Romance 

Find the root of the problem

 What’s at the root of your romance rut? Is it a lack of time, bored with your usual routine, or distraction that keeps you mentally disconnected from your intimate moments? This summer, talk things over with your partner and make a verbal commitment to ramp up your love life together.

Be spontaneous

 Unexpected acts of love are lots of fun to plan and receive. This summer, leave sweet notes for your partner around the house. Stop by their office and bring a picnic for their lunch break. Or buy your loved one a small gift (like their favorite pint of ice cream or a fun summer read) for no reason at all. Small treats will bring a little more magic to your relationship.

Take a romance break

 With the kids, work responsibilities, and other obstacles, it can be difficult for couples to carve time out of their day to relax with their partner. This summer make a change. Spend at least an hour alone together every day. Relax in a hammock together, share an after work mocktail, or take a walk around the neighborhood together. All of these moments add up to a lot of quality time.

Plan a romantic date night

 If scheduling an hour out of your day seems too difficult than planning a regular romantic date may seem impossible. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. This summer try a new restaurant, take a hike with your beloved through your local national park, attend a festival together, or take a dance class as a couple. Have a date night once a week and you’ll rekindle your romance in no time.


 Looking for more summer date ideas? We’ve got you covered! Try a romantic night under the stars or a one-day road trip to an exciting, nearby city. For more ideas, read this article!

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