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One Family’s Not-So-Scary Ghost Story

Years after this family’s dog passed away, they ran into the people who moved into their old house. They were told the most amazing ghost story. More time passed, and they heard the same ghost story again, but this time from a different family who had also lived in their old house.  The family began wondering to themselves, if maybe, possibly it could be a TRUE ghost story.

Sit… Good Boy. Now Stay…

Most people assume any ghost story has to be scary. This one is not. It is different. This story is the epitome of what every pet owner wants to believe: That their pet, whether it be days, months, years or decades after passing away, still sits in their usual spot in the house, watches over their owner, cuddles up to them at night and is a part of their family.

No matter how much time has passed, the wound of losing a pet never truly heals, it just simply becomes less raw. Nonetheless, years and years  later, a seeming random occurance can set off a trigger and as a result leave a person reduced to a sobbing, tearful mess as if the goodbye happened just yesterday. (I speak from personal experience – Jade your momma misses you and will always love you…)

There’s no shortage of articles of people claiming that they have seen the spirit of their deceased pet. Nor is there a shortage of videos  showing recordings of what people claim shows the spirit of their deceased pet.

This family has no video or photographic proof of their ghost story. But they do have the identical statements of two families who both lived in the original family’s house.  You may be asking yourself exactly were the statements and how they proved this ghost story to be true. Well, both families told them completely accurate and very specific descriptions of what the family’s dog, Spot, had looked like. Could it be a coincidence? That happened more than once to two different families while living in the originals families’ house? Or was Spot dropping by to keep a watchful on his old family?

Many people claim to have seen or felt the spirit of the old pets. So many have, in fact, that there was a list of ten signs that mean a deceased pet has come back to visit you that you can look for in your daily life.

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