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One Human Family

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

We were watching the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris since last week. There are those who continue to believe that we need to pursue a platform of isolation for our country. I have always advocated that we are one human family and the fate that befalls one of us is the fate of us all. The bumper sticker on my car says, “One people, one planet, one future.

Amen! I was watching the news with my daughter and we both began to talk about the theme of isolationism that has been popular in our country in recent years by certain groups. My daughter said, “Would you be driving a BMW and see a wreck on the side of the road with a family inside and not stop and help?

I loved her compassionate comment. We are one human family and separation is truly an illusion. We share the same oceans, air, financial systems, terrorism challenges and other planet earth resources.

What happens in one country happens to us all in the world we live in now. Chief Seattle said, “The fate that befalls our earth befalls each of us.”

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