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Overwhelmed by Love

by Andrea Greengard
Overwhelmed by lovre

Overwhelmed by lovre

“I was overwhelmed by her love”. While many people are afraid or apprehensive of pitbulls, this woman was overwhelmed by love. Check out one of the cutest videos ever and watch and see how much this pitbull mom trusts her human mom, Stevoni Wells Doyle.

Soon after Grayce the rescue pit bull gave birth to 11 puppies, she needed a break. And who can blame her. Being a good mom, she knew she couldn’t leave her puppies unattended. But who could she trust? Watch this heartwarming video and see Grayce put all of her newborn puppies, one by one, into her foster mom’s lap.

Grayce’s human mom says that unfortunately Grayce had been neglected in her previous home, and “needed a safe environment to have her pups.” Doyle, who has fostered hundreds of dogs before, believes that animals need us: “We are their voice and we need to protect them.” However, never before has Doyle experienced being handed in puppies by a dog mum in such a touching way. “I was honored that she choose me to trust with her pups and herself,” Doyle says. “I’m still overwhelmed with her love.”

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