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Reconnect with Mother Nature

by Dr Kathleen Hall
Reconnect with Mother Nature, The Way I See It

We have spent the month of January supplying you with tons of information to help you create a happier, healthier, mindful new year. I want to end the month with a really simple, life-changing New Year’s resolution that is simple, has no cost and contains untold mental and physical health benefits.  Answer your call to the wild get outside and reconnect with Mother Nature, any way you can, anytime you can.

Don’t wait until you have the time or energy. Just do it regularly! We have much research that shows the tremendous effect nature has on your mental and physical health. Human beings were meant to be nourished and fed by nature. Your mind, body, and soul need it. Reconnect with Mother Nature every time you are outside. The wind blowing is energizing you, the sun is energizing you, and trees are sending you oxygen, beauty, and shade. The birds, butterflies, flowers and other natural elements are tantalizing all your senses.

 Here are a few tips to help you reconnect with Mother Nature:

  1. Helper’s high

Volunteering is called “helper’s high,” because it is so mentally healthy for you. The nature conservancy organizations need help such as the Audubon Society, River keepers, and others. You will meet awesome people, learn lots and it is rewarding.

  1.  Citizen Scientist

You and your family can become citizen scientists. You can go to some sites and get involved with organizations and researchers that are doing experiments in nature. This is fun, and you will learn so much.

  1.   Your nest

Get creative and have fun on your property. You can call or go to a county extension office and get information on native plants and how to care for them.  Also you can go online and learn how to plant plants that attract butterflies, bees, birds and other insects. You can create your life-giving nature compound.


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