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Rubbing Beach is no ordinary beach! Watch from above as orcas swim close to the shore in order to rub their bellies along the beach’s smooth pebbles – a behavior unique to the orcas in British Columbia’s Johnstone Strait.

Best Times to Watch

This cam is live 24 hours so the scenic view is always available. Seeing an orca on cam is going to be easier between the months of June to August. This is also a great spot to watch a breathtaking sunset any day of the year!

Why do orcas rub against the beach?
Beach rubbing, or the phenomenon of orcas brushing their bellies along the sea floor here in the shallows is thought to be a social and cultural behavior unique to the orcas here! Researchers have suggested that this collective behavior might solidify or strengthen family bonds. Another explanation is that rubbing against the smooth stones just feels good!


In 1970, Dr. Paul Spong founded OrcaLab, a small land based whale research station. It is nestled against the evergreen forest of Hanson Island in the waters of the “Inside Passage” of northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. OrcaLab research is land based as a matter of philosophy… research without interference. The approach works well in their area, with its many waterways & relatively small distances. OrcaLab’s location on Hanson Island at Blackney Pass is also perfect for reception of radio signals from Johnstone Strait & Blackfish Sound, two of the most important areas used by the whales. Want to learn more? Check out their website.

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