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Start Your Impossible and Stay Motivated

Olympic Inspiration

The 2018 Winter Olympics were astounding. The incredible Olympic athletes always inspire us to follow our dreams and stay motivated. Many athletes have started with the impossible. Olympic athletes have overcome incredible odds to be the best in the world. Most athletes have suffered enumerable injuries, emotional trials, and financial challenges.  I sit in awe as I listen to the back stories of these athletes on television each night. I hope they inspire you as they have inspired me. Whether you want to exercise and get strong, start a new career, or leave a relationship, there is one thing you’re going to need to get started. You need a big dose of inspiration to fulfill your dreams and goals.

The first moments of inspiration are wonderful but staying motivated can be challenge. Get inspired and stay motivated with these five tips.

  1. Inspirational books. Which books help you find inner peace? There are enumerable inspirational books on the market. Some are quotes, others are a one pager, and others are short inspirational stories. Keep them near you. Wake up and read a short inspirational quote on your smart phone app, listen to a book on tape as you drive to work, and keep an inspirational book on a table by your couch and bed.

  2. Quotes at work. If you need more motivation at work, consider inspirational quotes. Don’t just go for the typically used sayings; pick something that has specific meaning to you. Put them up in your office/cubicle or on a small corkboard. Switch them regularly so you continue to be inspired throughout your day, week and year.

  3. Biographies. Pick a biography of a person who has accomplished the impossible in some area. Try reading about a visionary, an inventor, a scientist or artist that overcame the impossible. Is there a popular historical figure that you always wanted to learn more about? Read biographies to stay motivated and expand your perspective.

  4. Find a hero. There are plenty of mindful heroes to inspire you. Your hero can be a well-known figure, an unsung hero or a family member. Follow your hero’s example. Learn from their stories, challenges and successes.

  5. Inspirational podcasts. Listen to podcasts for inspiration. From spirituality, work, or hobbies, there are plenty of inspirational podcasts to choose from.

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