The Willpower of a Lone Tree

Relax and enjoy this beautiful, snowy view of a pine tree swaying in the breeze. Perched far above other mountaintops, this small tree displays her […]

Relax with Rustling Fall Leaves

Experience the birds serenading these gently rustling fall leaves as they begin to wane into the next season. Just as the fall leaves surrender to […]

Get Outdoors and Enjoy Ecotherapy

Getting out in the great outdoors can have tremendous effects on your health. This summer why not enjoy ecotherapy in order to improve the health […]

Mindful Travel Series: National Parks

It’s vacation season and you’ll want to make the most of this precious time. This year the Mindful Living Network is debuting a travel series, […]

Incorporate Eco Therapy Into Your Summer

Your children have spent this past year in school, developing their left-brain (logic and mathematics). Spend time this summer helping develop their right-brain, and let […]

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The Rise of Nature Deficit Disorder

Mother Nature is Calling You Electronic gadgets, from smartphones to tablets, have become great distractions for most Americans. These gadgets keep us connected to the […]

Get Digging and Start Healing

Benefits of Playing in the Dirt There are innumerable health benefits to playing in the dirt. Emerging research shows us gardening, getting into nature, heals […]

Nature Affects Your Brain

It’s fall and Mother Nature is beckoning you to get outside and join her majesty today. Eco-therapy is about getting outdoors and becoming active in a […]

Creating Your Own Sacred Space

While pilgrims have fled to the most famous sacred places in the world like Stonehenge, Fatima, and Lourdes, many of us have found our own […]