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Dangers at the Beach

Americans love the beach. From Venice Beach, California to Miami Beach, Florida, over 151 million visitors travel to America’s most popular beaches every year. Are you planning on visiting the beach this summer? This popular summer activity can be fun, but it also comes with some summer health hazards. Here…

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summer vacation on a budget, vacation on a budget

Summer Vacation on a Budget

Planning family trips requires time and budgeting for expenses. By pre-planning your next summer vacation on a budget you avoid the stressful pitfalls of overspending, boredom, and loose ends. And it is something that you don’t have to take on by yourself. Listed below are some Mindful summer vacation on…

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Mindful Travel Series: Summer Festivals

This summer we presented a Mindful travel series to inspire others to take a relaxing break from the everyday hustle and bustle. Our three previous spotlights covered national parks, museums, and animal sanctuaries. This week, for the final edition of this series, we focus on three types of summer festivals.…

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