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The Value of a Dollar

by Andrea Greengard

Learn the value of a dollar in this short yet powerful motivational speech.   Jeremy Anderson explains that simply because a dollar is crumbled up, stepped on, or even cut in half and taped back together, it still has the same value. A dollar is a dollar no matter what happens to it. The same thing goes for people, for you and for me, he explains. So many people feel that their value has decreased because of some outside factor. For example, loosing a job, loosing a relationship, anything that makes a person feel badly about themselves. But these things don’t define us. They do not change our value, and it is important to remember that. The value of a dollar is always the same, and it will never change. Just like us.

Who is Jeremy Anderson


Jeremy Anderson is a leading expert, author, and one of the premier motivational speakers in the educational arena. His main goal is to help facilities and staff remember how they felt when they first became teachers. He believes that healthy teachers produce healthy classrooms. To learn more about him, feel free to visit his website.

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