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Underwater Penguin Habitat – LIVECAM

Enjoy the live view of the underwater penguin exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific. It features Magellanic penguins, some of which were rescued from Brazil where they were stranded outside their native habitat. This exhibit is home to around 20 Magellanic penguins.

How much time do Magellanic penguins spend in the water?

Magellanic penguins cannot fly, but they are excellent swimmers! Their torpedo-like shape, dense bones and “wings” that act as flippers help to propel them swiftly and gracefully through the water. In fact, Magellanic penguins can spend up to 80% of their lives in the ocean! You can see just how agile they are while swimming!

Though many people associate penguins with snow and ice, most species of penguins live in more temperate waters. The pool here at Aquarium of the Pacific is a cool (but far from freezing) 60 degrees!

How far can a penguin swim?

Penguins can travel anywhere from 100 to 1,000 km–that’s well over 600 miles–out to sea!

What do Magellanic penguins eat?

These penguins eat mostly fish, including anchovies, sardines, hake, and cod, as well as other marine invertebrates. They often hunt or forage in groups, and have been known to dive as deep as 250-300 feet to capture prey.

What predators do Magellanic penguins have in the ocean?

Orcas, fur seals, and sea lions have been known to prey on penguins in the wild.

When do Magellanic penguins come to shore?

Magellanic penguin come to shore for the breeding season, which lasts from September through February.

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