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View of France’s Pointe du Raz

by Andrea Greengard

Pointe du Raz is a masterpiece of nature, facing the impetuous Raz de Sein. Alone or accompanied, your steps will lead you on the coastal path between heath and ocean. There, in front of you, discover the grandeur of the panorama of the famous Raz de Sein, well known to sailors, with its lighthouses of La Vieille and Tévennec and the fascinating Isle of Sein.

 France's Pointe du Raz
France’s Pointe du Raz

In this decoration of high cliffs covered with moors, exposed to the waves and the winds, the Pointe du Raz is certainly the most famous natural site of Finistère, but other places much less famous, but just as fascinating make up this Great Site of France of more than 2,000 hectares. The North Coast, which stretches from Pointe du Van to Pointe du Millier, offers a succession of rocky outcrops converted into fortified sites in the Iron Age.

Nowadays, sea birds make it their universe, part of this space constitutes the Cap Sizun Reserve. It helps to provide them with the conditions necessary for the preservation of their habitats.

 Video by Vision-Environnement

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