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Why Are May Celebrations Stressful

May can be a very stressful month. The kids are ending their school year with tests and year end school activities. You are planning for your children’s summer at home and your summer vacation. There are also many expenses this time of year such as gifts for teachers, graduations, celebration meals, family and friends visiting expenses. The key to enjoying all of the events in May celebrations is organization.

Here is some practical advice to enjoy all the May celebrations.


Finances are a concern. Create a budget and stick to it.

  • Gifts Create a unique gift list. Instead of fighting mall traffic or last-minute gifts, shop online to watch for clearances and sales. Buy gift certificates, spa vouchers, or give money to the recipient’s favorite charity in their name.
  • Food With Mother’s Day, graduations and end of year celebrations your food costs will increase. Be creative about meal planning ahead of time.


This is a time of the year to enjoy  celebration time with family members. Make sure to make the most of this quality time.

  • Family calendar. Everyone in your immediate family needs to have the same shared calendar. You don’t want to miss an important event that can never be recreated.
  • Create a family email list or newsletter. This is an easy way to keep up with busy calendars to coordinate the month.
  • Visitors. Make sure your family knows what to bring during their stay. For example: notes on food allergies.
  • Shopping. Plan shopping trips around your child’s “up” time and carry plenty of snacks.
  • Family Traditions. Enjoy the old, open up the new: Keep old family traditions, but make a special attempt to start creative new traditions with family and friends.


Unpredictable weather, overcrowded airports, and unreliable transportation can all lead to stress and exhaustion during May celebrations.

  • Stress. Memorize stress reduction techniques and teach them to others.
  • SELF Care. Be sure to nurture yourself. Take along a favorite blanket, music, or DVD for comfort.
  • Airports. Most airports have a variety of places to buy food. Make wise food choices to lower stress levels that include omega 3’s, vitamin B, and spicy foods. Eating high fat, greasy foods can make you anxious and feel stressed out.
  • Exercise. Keep moving. Walk up and down the concourse, or do yoga stretches. This produces endorphins, calming hormones in the brain. Online preparation.
  • Kids travel kit. If traveling with children, make a list of items they want to take with them, and place them in a backpack. Always pack an extra change of clothes for your children.
  • Surrender. Reacting to every obstacle will raise your blood pressure and your heart rate. Surrender to your holiday travel as a classroom and learn.

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