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3 Craft Ideas For Kids Stuck Inside

Are Your Kids Stuck Inside?

Whether it’s a snow day or a really bad rainstorm, being stuck inside can be both stressful and boring, especially for young kids. Children today have so many options for indoor entertainment: tablets, gaming consoles, and endless TV/movie streaming options, but eventually even these things become boring. Fortunately, you can keep the little ones entertained with fun craft ideas. They’re a great bonding project for the whole family. Plus, your kids will exercise their creativity and stay occupied for hours.

3 Fun Spring Craft Ideas For Young Kids.

Sew a Paper Cloud

Normally sewing and needles is ill advised for little kids, but this project from Hello, Wonderful is altogether different. Instead of using fabric, thread, and needles, this project requires white butcher paper and yarn.

To make the cloud, cut two identical cloud shapes out of the paper. Your kids can then use a hole puncher to makes holes along the border of the cloud. They can then weave yarn through the holes, “sewing” the cloud together. Once the weaving is almost done, stuff the paper pocket with poly filler. And just like that, you’re done!

Helpful Tip: If your kids want a happy rain cloud or a sad snow cloud, have them decorate the paper with markers before they start sewing. For more advice, check out this article.

Plant a Garden of Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Despite the terrible weather, your kids can easily make their own indoor garden using homemade artificial flowers. The key to this craft is pipe cleaners—lots of colorful pipe cleaners. With the techniques in this Spruce Crafts project, your kids can easily make daffodils and roses. Putting the flowers together will require a hot glue gun, so the kids will need adult supervision.

Once your children have made their flowers, it’s time for some floral arranging. Add some Styrofoam to a small planter and have your kids stick the pipe cleaners in the foam. And voila! You’re done!

Helpful Tip: To get the full effect, cover the foam with dirt, rocks, or other coverings.

Fly a Flag Indoors

Kids typically get restless when stuck indoors and they can spend a lot of time running around. This craft project just might get them to sit down for a while. A website called Squirrelly Minds has a craft project called DIY Mini Koinobori—it’s based on the traditional Japanese flying carp flag or kite. Your little ones can make their own with old toilet paper rolls, double sided tape, and colorful tissue paper cut into scales and long ribbons. Simply tape the tissue paper to the toilet roll and use twine to attach the carp to a dowel.

You can find the detailed instructions here.

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