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4 Outdoor Green Cleaning Tips

by MLN Staff

Are you looking for inventive ways to clean around the house and help reduce chemical usage and its toll on our environment? There are a few mindful green cleaning tips you should consider.

The cleaning products that you have in your home could be more dangerous for your health than you might think. According to some sources, there are 17,000 petrochemicals available for home use, but only 30 percent have been tested to ensure the safety of humans and the environment. Other sources also show that the average American home has ten gallons of harmful chemicals. Using green cleaning products to clean your home is a great alternative.

Here are four green cleaning tips that you can implement to create a comfortable and wonderful atmosphere this spring season:

Use Crisco

 You can rejuvenate wood furniture with vegetable shortening. Using Crisco on your deck furniture will revive faded or dried-out wood. The oils in the shortening will treat, protect, and moisturize. Also, if you are shoveling some snow, consider using vegetable shortening on the blade of your shovel. This will keep the snow from sticking to the blade.

Use cooking spray

Cover the inside of your grill with oil based cooking spray, leave to soak in for a few minutes then crank it up for about 10 minutes. This should burn off any stuck on gunk. Once it’s cooled, polish with a used, balled up aluminum foil, and you’re good to go. You can also prevent your locks from freezing during the cold temperatures before spring by spraying the locks with cooking spray.

Use shaving cream

 Clean outdoor furniture with shaving cream. Just spray on vinyl cushions and plastic furniture. Rub the cream with a sponge and hose off. The soap and skin-softening ingredients in the shaving cream help loosen the stains better than some commercial cleaners. You can also prevent your windshield from fogging in the winter months by spraying and wiping away the shaving cream.

Use vinegar

To protect your deck, spray undiluted white vinegar on cushions or wood planks that have winter stains on them. Leave the vinegar for an hour or so and then rinse. Your deck and outdoor furniture will be disinfected, clean, and protected from future growth of germs and mold.

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