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5 Awesome Secretaries Gift Ideas

by MLN Staff

Secretaries, or administrative assistants, are the unsung heroes of the office, but not today. Here are a few awesome secretary gift ideas and tributes that are the perfect way to mark the occasion. Today is the day that we should sing their praises and shower them with gratitude. A hug and an heartfelt thanks are great ways to mark the occasion but don’t stop there

Five gifts ideas for Administrative Professionals’ Day

  • The spa treatment. To keep an office running smoothly, administrative professionals take on a lot of stress. Thus, one of the best presents to give them is a de-stressing gift such as a gift certificate to a local spa. A day full of massages and luxury baths may be just what they need. Don’t have money for a spa gift certificate? Consider giving them the gift of a home spa experience with a basket full of bath salts, bubble bath, lotions, and other bath products.
  • A snack basket. If you know their favorite foods, then you can create a personalized snack basket for them. They can enjoy the treats at home or leave them at their desk for the after lunch munchies. Be sure to mix some of the healthy snack options with the comfort foods. For instance, try a combination of chocolate, trail mix, candies, fruit, chips, nuts, soda, and tea.
  • A celebratory lunch. Whether it’s a meal at a restaurant or an office party, an administrative professional will definitely appreciate a delicious lunch in their honor. You can make a reservation at their favorite restaurant or ask the other employees to bring in dishes for an office party. Be sure to have some of the guest of honor’s favorite foods and drinks on hand, as well as a heart-warming speech for the toast.
  • A gift certificate. A bouquet of gift certificates is a great way to ensure that the hardworking administrative professional in your office gets exactly what they want on their special day. You can collect gift cards from the other employees and arrange them into a bouquet, like flowers. You can find inspiration here.
  • An afternoon off! Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Consider giving your administrative assistant the day off. It’s a gift that they will definitely love!

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