5 Best Mocktails for Memorial Day

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We tend to save the red, white, and blue decorations for the Fourth of July, but let’s not forget Memorial Day. Formerly known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day originally celebrated Civil War soldiers. Today it honors all of our soldiers. As you host your Memorial Day barbecues, pool parties, and block parties, remember to make a toast to our soldiers past and present. If you need a special drink to do so we’ve got you covered.

Listed below are five red, white, and blue alcohol-free cocktails (or mocktails) for this special occasion.

5 Memorial Day Mocktails

  • Red, white, and blueberry coconut slushies. Are you planning a Memorial Day brunch? Consider toasting with this lemonade coconut milk slushie. The recipe calls for three layers. The bottom layer is a lemonade, frozen strawberries (or frozen raspberries), and agave slush. The middle layer is a light coconut milk, ice, and agave nectar blend. And the top layer is blueberries. You can find the recipe at Kitchen Confidante.
  • Captain America kids drink. This drink, named after the celebrated superhero, is packed with sugar, but it will be a great hit with the kids. It’s also a layered drink. The bottom layer is made with Cherry Sprite and grenadine. The middle layer is made with Pina colada mix, and the top layer is made with blueberry Koolaid. Check out the awesome picture and instructions here.
  • Red, white, and blue mocktail. This mocktail is another patriotic way to celebrate the holiday. This recipe from The Merrythought calls for fresh raspberries, grenadine, club soda, crushed ice, lemon-lime soda, and fresh blueberries. With this drink, the raspberries, ice, and blueberries make the classic red, white, and blue layers.
  • Sparkling blueberry lemonade. Both the slushie and mocktail have a lemon flavor to them, but if you and your guests really want a serious lemon drink then consider blueberry lemonade. This Little Epicurean recipe calls for blueberries, agave syrup, fresh lemon juice, and sparkling water.
  • Red, white, and blue sorbet floats. Plan on toasting over dessert? Try this recipe. You can make the float by filling a glass with raspberry sorbet, coconut sorbet, and frozen blueberries. Once the glass if filled pour sparkling juice (your choice) over the sorbet and berries. Your guests will love it.

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