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5 Tips For A Joyful Morning Run

Transform Your Morning Running Routine

Do you have a busy morning routine? Most people do, and unfortunately, they may have to choose between making time for morning exercises or meditations. But, there is a solution. By taking up running, women and men can get a cardio-meditation workout.

Incredible Health Benefits of Running

People take up running for many great reasons. Research shows us there are many great reasons to run. Running burns calories, strengthens joints, and prevents diseases and ailments. In fact, in a 2013 National Runner Survey from Running USA, 77 percent of runners said they ran to stay in shape, 76 percent said they wanted to stay healthy, and 62 percent said the wanted to relieve stress. While running is great your physical health, it’s important not to overlook the mental health benefits so here are some tips to get the most out of your meditative morning run.

Running releases a host of hormones in your body, including endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. The endorphins reduce stress and promote relaxation, the perfect conditions for meditating. Dopamine stimulates feelings of pleasure and serotonin helps regulate your mood. The hormones combined can boost your meditations and with a few helpful tips you can make the most of your meditative morning run.

5 Tips for a Joyful Running Routine

  1. Meditate and stretch. Your morning meditation should start before your feet hit the pavement. While you stretch quiet your mind and practice slow breathing. You’ll feel more prepared in and more relaxed for your run.
  2. Choose the right course. Your meditation will be more successful if there are few distractions. If possible, try to choose a course that has less traffic. Constantly crossing busy intersections or bumping into slow walkers will hold you up and take you out of your meditation.
  3. Remember your breathing. Having the right breathing technique is important for your morning jog, as well as your meditation. For even breathing, pay attention to the number of strides you take for each inhale and each exhale. Taking deep breaths will give you energy and help with your mental exercises.
  4. Be mindful of your music. Choosing the right music for your meditative running workout routine requires a delicate balance. Runners need music that will keep them energized, but not distract them for their meditation. Every runner will have different preferences. One suggestion would be instrumental tracks; it could classical or pop, depending on your tastes.
  5. Have the right mindset. For your meditation, try introspective thoughts. Reflect on the previous day of work. Count the things you’re grateful for. List the great things you have achieved. But remember to stay clear of any stressful thoughts.

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