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5 Unique Proposal Ideas

Thinking of proposing? Picking a spectacular ring and the right time isn’t enough. Finding the perfect way to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage is a necessity. You could plan a traditional proposal, but why not think outside of the box with these unique proposal ideas?

Here are a few lovers who put their own twist on traditional proposals, creating unique proposals of love.

A romantic walk

 You could pop the question while walking in the park, but Aaron Vanden took it a step further. He got artists to create murals throughout the city for his girlfriend Tamara Altherr. At the end of the artistic tour, he proposed. For another proposal, a Google software engineer created a romantic scavenger hunt with Google Maps app. His girlfriend followed clues to six distinct and memorable locations for the couple. At the seventh location, he was waiting to propose.

A romantic, recreated date

 You could recreate your first trip to a movie theater or you could follow Jason Fordley’s lead. He and his girlfriend once had a date on a beach, watching an artist named Andres Amador create a mural in the sand. Jason tracked down the artist and commissioned him to create an even larger mural on the beach that read “Will you marry me, Kelly?”

A cozy night at home

 Jazz up a romantic night in, like filmmaker Walt Thompson, did for his chef girlfriend Nealey Dozier. He created a three minute, stop-motion video with Legos that resembled the couple and their careers. He showed Nealey the clip (that included over 2,600 pictures) at their home.

Where the couple first met

 It’s always sweet to go back to the place where your romance began. Nam Tran had this in mind when he proposed to Trang Vu. With the help of Flash Mob America, Nam danced to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” at UCLA, right outside the building where the couple met.

Gathering friends and family together

 Declaring your love for your partner with the help of family and friends is a great way to share a sweet moment. Jamin Love, a co-director at a dance company, organized a flash mob proposal with friends at Downtown Disney to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” His girlfriend and fellow co-director, Valerie, was beyond surprised.

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