A.C.E. Choice (Part 2)

Learn the foundations for living a mindful life by using Dr Kathleen Hall’s ACE technique: Awareness, Choice and Energy. This part is centered around “choice”,  which is the second key element of A.C.E.. Dr Hall explains that as you gain more awareness it will lead you to a desire to exercise intentional choices in your life. Once you are aware that your life is the result of a series of your choices (and the life you are currently living is a result of the ones you have already made), you will as a result learn to take responsibility for your life. The “victim mentality” ends when you understand the power of choice. You may not control many of the circumstances in your life, but you can choose your attitude and intentions in response to those circumstances.

What is A.C.E.?

A.C.E is the concept that three ideas that are the foundation for living a mindful life. They are awareness, choice, and energy, which is easy to remember as ACE. We invite you to watch our 3 part video series on A.C.E.. If you’d like to learn even more, Dr. Hall explains this concept in great detail in her book, “Alter Your Life: Overbooked? Overworked? Overwhelmed?”.

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