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Adorable Animals: Tiny Piglet’s Whole World Changes When She Meets This Baby Cow

Nobody thought this piglet would survive. But with the help of fruit punch, a baby calf, and an epic road trip, she was able to thrive. Sometimes all it takes is a little love to grow strong.

As the story goes,  Marley, the pig, fell off a factory farm truck, ending up in a small animal refuge in North Carolina.

“All we can do at this point is show her that she’s loved, and hopefully she’ll perk up,” the shelter worker said. Later when the refuge realizes it’s too full — with over 100 animals and just a mother and son tending to them during the days — a sanctuary in Florida offers to take in Marley. A mutual friend driving down to Florida with a rescued calf named Eli picked up Marley along the way. That’s when the friendship began. Both orphans, Marley and Eli instantly comforted each other along the drive. Two months later, the unlikely duo have become family in their new Florida home.

To help animals like Marley and Eli, you can check out SiSu Refuge​ ,Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary​ and Destination Liberation Rescue

Video by The Dodo

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