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African Birds | Magnificent Birds, Bushbabies & Bats by Allen BirdCam

This bird feeding station is located in a suburban garden backyard in Pretoria, South Africa. Please enjoy this small contribution from this wonderful family, as they love sharing a little window into Africa and the wonderful blessings from nature, highlighting the importance of taking good care of our valuable environment.

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What might I see here?

Large Spotted Genet, Wahlberg’s epauletted fruit bat, Lesser Bushbaby, African grey hornbill, Grey go-away-bird, Ring-necked dove, Cape sparrow, Arrow-marked babbler, Speckled Mousebird, Cape starling, Red-winged starling, Black-collared barbet, Green wood hoopoe, Burchell’s coucal, Crested barbet, Black-headed weaver, Karoo thrush (Lyster), Common bulbul, Southern boubou, Speckled pigeon, and Hadeda ibis.

To learn how to identify and learn more about the various birds and animal visitors to the birdfeeder, visit

What’s in the feeders?

Fruits are most typically what is placed in the feeders, such as apples, bananas, and pears. You will also see specially prepared saw meat and suet served several times per day. The tube feeder has mixed birdseed inside and the glass feeder is full of nectar water.

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