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Apps to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

by MLN Staff
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Keeping yourself organized and prepared during the holidays can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are mobile and tablet holiday apps that can help you relax, keep things in order, and bring back a little fun to the holiday season.

Listed below are some Mindful Application Holiday Apps that you may want to consider.

Holiday Essentials Apps

  1. Cooking. A home cooked meal is essential to any festive celebration. You can find inspiration, recipes and cooking tips through apps like Good Food Festive Recipes, and Epicurious. For delicious desserts consider Country Living’s Holiday Cookies app or Martha Stewart’s Cookie app.
  2. Gifts. With the right app, you can keep all the gifts you’re planning to buy in order and keep track of how much money you’ll be spending. Consider Gifts Wrap Plus if you have an iPad. If you have an iPhone or Android, consider Gift Plan or Gift List Manager.
  3. Reading. Enjoying classic holiday books is made easier with e-books on tablets and cell phones. Consider classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, and Twas the Night Before ChristmasMany of these classic holiday books can be downloaded free on Kindle or iBooks!

Quirky Holiday Fun Apps

  1. A cozy fire. No festive evening with friends would be complete without a lovely fire. Fortunately, with an app like FirePlace you can have a virtual roaring fire with background music.
  2. Decorations. Do you love paper snowflakes? You can try out new designs before you cut the paper with the Paper Flakes app. You can also decorate a virtual tree with apps like Christmas Tree Decoration and Christmas Ornaments and Tree Designer.
  3. Snow globes. You can create your own virtual snow globes with apps like Snow Globe Maker. You can use your own custom pictures and labels, as well as add music and shake your phone to make it snow.

 Holiday Tradition Apps

  1. Chritmas. To celebrate Christmas consider the Bethlehem Nativity app that allows you to assemble the scene or the Nativity app to listen to the story.
  2. Hanukkah. For Hanukkah consider a virtual portable menorah with the Menorah-Chanukah app. If you’re looking for virtual games consider the Dreidel app.
  3. Kwanzaa. With the right app, you can learn more about the Kwanzaa holiday including the seven principles, the Swahili terms and a lighting guide for the candles.

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