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Are You Ready for a Comeback?

The Department of Labor recently reported that unemployment rates declined for the fourth straight month in March and that the sales of new homes are rising. While certain sectors like construction and real estate employment remain weak, there’s hope that the labor market is about to come back from a setback. Let’s take these cues and continue the downward/upward trends downward of the bad and upward of the good. If you’re one of many Americans that have suffered a work related job loss, demotion, freeze, or layoff, turn that negativity around and go with the flow.

4 Ways to Come Back From a Setback

  1. Worry the right way. Jerilyn Ross, psychotherapist and co-author of One Less Thing to Worry About, says that it is essential that you distinguish between productive worries (ones what get you moving) and destructive worries (ones that leave you in a loop of negative thinking). Face your fear. Write your problems down, plan a course of action and tackle them one by one.
  2. Use your resources. Studies show that people with a strong social support structure live longer happier lives. Use these resources to help you through tough times. Your friends want to help. Tell them exactly what you need and let them in.
  3. Enjoy your new found freedom. Whatever the setback, you’ll probably find that you’ve got more time on your hands. Use this time to do things you’ve been putting off. Read a book on your fun list, learn a new skill, network with people–be fearless.
  4. Learn from it. After a period of “mourning,” an essential step according to specialist Lisa Nichols is to find something meaningful or useful to take away from the situation. In the proverbial, “Take lemons and make lemonade,” be sure to take away a positive life lesson from every setback. This will help you learn about you and your abilities going forward.

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