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Avoid Spring Break Hazards

Beware of Spring Break Hazards

Spring break is a great way to relax, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Criminals in some of the most popular destinations use this fun time to exploit travelers. So, if you’re a student traveling with friends or a young family planning some time together be aware of spring break hazards.

Tips to Stay Safe This Spring Break

  1. Plan the details. It’s always best to plan beforehand (the hotels, the restaurants, etc…). Collect the contact information for these locations for yourself and for a friend who will be staying at home. Plan your trip with great trip planning apps at your fingertips.
  2. The right hotel. When picking a hotel there are other factors to consider besides price. You want a hotel that’s close to fun activities to limit unnecessary driving and walking. Also ask for a room above the first floor, for safety and quiet.
  3. The perfect bag. Choose a purse that’ll protect your valuables, preferably a cross-body one that makes snatching harder.
  4. Don’t forget the essentials. Did you remember to pack your passport? Make sure to remember your health essentials (like medications or contraception) and proof of insurance in case of emergencies.
  5. Travel in packs. Heed your mother’s advice, never go off with strangers. It’s best to travel with a partner, even during the day. When you need quick cash, consider traveling to the ATM in groups. You never know when a theft is lurking about. If you have to travel alone here are some great traveling alone tips.
  6. A healthy diet. When vacationing in warm climates staying hydrated is important. So, remember to drink lots of water. Also, give the junk food a break. In order to stay energized for all your activities it’s important to eat healthy.
  7. Limit the alcohol. Enjoying a beer or two while on vacation is great (if you’re 21 or older), but be sure not to overdo it. Being a smart spring breaker is all about making good decisions and a lot alcohol can hinder that.
  8. Beware of predatory drugs. Order your own beverages and keep your eyes on your drink at all times. If you feel yourself becoming woozy get help from someone you trust.
  9. In case of emergency. It’s best to always be prepared for an emergency. Be sure that you know how to call authorities if you’re traveling outside of the country.

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