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Beat Post Vacation Stress

by MLN Staff

Just got back from a vacation? Already stressing out? You may have post vacation stress. Try these tips and get your vacation glow back!

Post vacation stress is the anxiety and sadness one feels when returning from a vacation. It is very difficult for some people to transition back to their “regular” schedule with work and family demands. Post-vacation stress is a common disorder nowadays. Some of the common symptoms are mild depression, anxiety or stress, detachment, and melancholy. The symptoms can contribute to loss of appetite, problems sleeping, chronic tiredness, and some nostalgia.

6 Mindful Tips for Post-Vacation Stress

  1. Go slow. When you return from your vacation, slowly settle into your old routine. Make sure to make time for relaxation so you are not completely overwhelmed upon your return.
  2. Positive affirmations. When you get flooded with anxiety, take a deep breath, smile and repeat a positive affirmation. Research shows that when we are stressed repeating a positive affirmation can reduce stress hormones. Try saying, “I feel whole,” “I am peaceful,” or “I have experienced love.” You can also create your own affirmation.
  3. Guided imagery. When you feel the stress, do a guided imagery of a specific time you loved during your vacation, like the view of the ocean or the city. Remember every aspect of it. How did it smell? What did you hear? What did you feel? This should bring joy to your heart and put a smile on your face.
  4. Food. Was there one meal in particular that you enjoyed while you were on your vacation? Try to create a recipe based on that and incorporate it into your post vacation life. It might be a new cuisine that you would like to incorporate into your family’s regular meals.
  5. Family meeting. Take some ten minutes during your family supper to talk about your memories from your vacation. This opens the emotions and communication up to the family and reduces everyone’s stress.
  6. Share your joy. Invite your neighbors, friends, and co-workers over for dessert and present a slide show to share your vacation. You can tell stories, laugh, and share some homemade desserts like ice cream, cake, or pie.

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