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Change is Bad for Work

They say that “a change is as good as a rest,” but this may not apply to work stress. According to a new study, workplace change has impacted 50 percent of American workers and caused physical health symptoms and stress.

The American Psychological Association (APA) annual workplace survey showed that organizational change negatively impacts American workers. Those who were experiencing workplace change were “twice as likely to report chronic work stress compared with employees who reported no recent, current or anticipated change.” They were also four times as likely to report experiencing physical health symptoms at work. Unfortunately, stress and health issues aren’t the only symptoms these workers experience.

Workplace changes can affect employees’ attitudes and experiences. For instance, workers facing organizational change also:

  • Experienced work-life conflict
  • Felt cynical and negative toward others during the workday
  • Ate or smoked more during the workday than they did outside or at work and
  • Reported lower levels of job satisfaction

Whether your company is going through a buyout or your department is getting a new boss, workplace stress can disrupt your job performance and your personal life.

A few helpful tips to help you manage workplace stress

Take a break

Taking regular five-minute breaks throughout your day can really improve things at the office. Short breaks can help lower your stress levels and can help alleviate health symptoms as well. You can chat with your coworkers, eat a healthy snack, or listen to relaxing music with your earbuds. For more break ideas, check out this Mindful blog.

Hang in there

Change in the work environment can make your job unbearable. While finding a new job may be what’s best for your mental or physical well-being, financial responsibilities and the job market may make taking that leap unfeasible. If you have to stay at your job for the perceivable future, consider these eight Mindful tips for surviving the job you hate.

Move on

The APA survey found that employees experiencing workplace change were three times more likely to be looking for new jobs. So, if you are in a place where finding a new job is feasible, then go for it and consider these motivation tips for your job search.

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