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Add Some Color to Your Life

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Color is a language that affects your mind, body, and soul. Color can trigger emotions, memories and change your mood. Color is a very powerful tool to shift your life to greater energy, power, and happiness. Spring is a time for color updates, transformation, and innovation so add some color to your life.

Do a 3-step color evaluation of your life this spring.


Become aware of the colors that surround you in all aspects of your daily life. Write down your observations so they are clear.

  • Clothing. What colors do you love to wear? This spring can you try a new color with a purse, shoes or scarf?
  • Home. Go through each room of your home. Do you love the colors in each room? Why have you used these colors?
  • Office. What colors surround you as you work? A painting, chair or pillows can make a dramatic change of your mood at work.
  • Garden-Yard. What colors are in your yard and garden? Did you choose your plant colors or did you inherit the color scheme? How do you feel about them?
  • Body. What colors do you use on your fingernails and toes? Why not try some new bright color on your toes to show off your new fun sandals?
  • Spiritual practices. For many, the use of color enhances their spiritual practices. Some practice guided imagery with various colors, others wear beautiful beads or a shawl and some practitioners use color to enhance their meditation and prayer spaces.

How does a particular color in a certain area make you feel? Take a risk. Make a change to see what effect a change of color has on your mood. Listen to others as they give you input about your mood and behavior.


Do you feel energized, happy or flat with your new colors? If you don’t feel energized and happy change the color again. The greatest thing about color is that it is fun and easily changed.

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