Create a Stress Aid Kit

by MLN Staff

An emergency first aid kit can help cure sudden burns and cuts, but an emergency stress kit can cure physical and emotional symptoms of stress. A stress kit is simple to make and can be a Mindful way to promote Mindful Health®.

A stress kit contains prepared tools and supplies that’ll stop stress in its tracks before it escalates. Having the right references and tools can help. An emergency stress relief kit is easy to put together and doesn’t cost much. They can help you and they also make a great gift for a stressed loved one in your life.

Stress Relief Kit Tips

Listed below are a few Mindful Health suggestions for creating the right stress relief kit for you.

Calm Down Kit

Stress kits for anger and short tempers. 

Too much stress can quicken your temper and lead to anger. However, you can control your temper with a stress kit. Pack a journal where you can record your instances of stress-related anger. Writing down your feelings can help calm you down and it can help you find patterns for avoiding a short temper in the future. To relieve stress and anger consider packing stress balls in your kit. You can also light lavender or citrus candles to reduce stress.

The Anxiety Toolkit

Stress kits for anxiety symptoms. 

If your stress leads to anxiety symptoms like sweating, shortness of breath, and restlessness then use the following suggestions to create a stress kit. For excessive sweating consider packing a handheld electric fan or a cool compress or an ice pack that you can put in the freezer. If you frequently experience shortness of breath include a pamphlet of helpful body positions. Or include a pamphlet on breathing exercises to reduce your feelings of restlessness and help you concentrate.

First Aid for Stomach Ache

Stress kits for nausea and irritated stomach. 

If your stress leads to an upset stomach, create a stress kit for nausea. For curing nausea, consider making your own homemade tea and pack it in your stress kit. Use ingredients such as ginger or mint as they can help with stomach aches. Pack bags of candied ginger for nausea. And also, remember to pack a paper fan, as gushes of air can reduce nausea.

Remember. No matter what kit you make be sure to place all of these items in a basket or box for safekeeping. And if you experience a range of stress symptoms include a variety of the above solutions in your stress kit.

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