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Create New Energy in Your Workspace through Feng Shui

by MLN Staff

Do you have a hard time staying focused at the office? Are you lacking inspiration at work? Then maybe you should consider giving your workspace a feng shui makeover to create new energy.

The practice of feng shui, which means “wind-water,” is an ancient Chinese geomantic system. Through the system, individuals try to find spiritual harmony within by rearranging a location to reap better energy. Feng shui is said to have health benefits. It opens “up channels in [an individual’s] environment where energy can flow.”  Plus, it is also suggested that feng shui can help give you energy at work by reducing your clutter.

Tips for bringing in positive energy into a workspace.

Embrace the Five Elements

There are five feng shui elements you can bring to a room: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. For earth, consider a plant which brings good energy and life. Bamboo, certain frames, and figurines can represent wood. For water, consider a desktop fountain. Having the right lights in your office (natural or at least bright light) can represent fire. For metal items consider a clock, desk ornament, or vase.

Embrace Your Senses

Consider decorating your office with your senses in mind. Enhance the space visually with artwork and objects of energizing colors like red, yellow, orange and pink. Take your sense of smell into consideration. Add candles or air fresheners and purify the air by opening windows. Playing nature sounds can also give you positive energy.

Balance Your Space with Yin and Yang

In order to have true harmony in your office, you’ll need to have the right balance of yin (passive energy) and yang (active energy). This means having both light and dark elements or smooth and rough textures in your office.

Things to Avoid

Feng shui also advises against certain elements. A cluttered desk is thought to clutter the mind. Mirrors in the office are thought to reflect negative energy. Keeping your back to the window or to the door is not advised. It symbolically prevents good energy and potential business from entering your office. Don’t sit directly in line with the door; it’s thought to be a path of negative energy.

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