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Create Your Own Resurrection Story Today

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Its Spring, and it is the time of year when most religions and spiritual groups tell stories of new life, new hope, new birth, and resurrection. Some of these are ancient resurrection stories of Gods and Goddesses. Some are stories of sacred beings’ reincarnations.

Resurrection is an Archetypal Story

During this Spring and rebirth season, I hope you can travel with me a bit to consider creating your own resurrection story. I’d like to invite you to think about your own personal resurrection story. I am thinking about mine this time of year.

We All Love a Great Resurrection Story

Disney knows that humans want to be fed by powerful stories of resurrection. They have made fortunes and are known for their magnificent portrayals of heroes going from near death and destruction to new lives of happiness. All you have to do is look at great movies, the best books, and the greatest storytellers. One of the most incredible human experiences is returning to life after a failure, death, or destructive behavior.

Let me begin by admitting I came from a long line of Roman Catholics. So the only way I even heard the word resurrection was in the resurrection story of Jesus’s resurrection. The story tells us Jesus was killed, stayed in a tomb dead for 3 days, and then experienced a resurrection. 

He moved from death to life. We were taught in my childhood that it was unique; only God could have this resurrection experience. But maybe this is a powerful story that calls us into our own death and as a result of it, a resurrection.

After much reflection, I believe the resurrection story was a story for all of us to embrace and live by.

There Are Many Forms of Death

You can experience various forms of death, or crucifixion psychologically and spiritually. These are some examples of death to your SELF and how we hurt and harm each other. For instance, consider that when we experience hatred, resentment, criticism, jealousy, greed, fear, and anger, a part of us dies. 

You can crucify and destroy yourself. And you can destroy others as you destroy yourself. But the great news about a resurrection story is you can move beyond your challenges or darkness into the light. You can move on to your true self. 

The first step is to become aware of your perceptions and any negative thinking that destroys or kills the happiness and joy in your life. Any thoughts, words, or actions that create suffering or death to your soul can be examined and released. 

This is an invitation to resurrect your SELF. Most of us continue making the same mistake over and over again, in some form. We keep making the same mistakes until we decide to change perceptions and our thinking. 

You can bring your SELF and others back from the dead. You can defy death by giving your SELF and others love, hope, and healing.

Returning from Death

Have you ever brought someone back from death?

I bet you have. Every time you have forgiven someone, listened to someone, given hope, loved them, you have brought someone back from death.

I know I have. After spending most of my life listening to my patients and client’s pain and suffering, I have the privilege of sharing their journey back into light, love, and happiness. I experience their resurrection.

Every time I see a drunk put down his bottle of alcohol, there’s a resurrection going on. Each time I see a broken marriage reunite and prosper, there’s a resurrection going on. Every time I see a parent love their wounded child, there’s a resurrection going on.

Tools For Your Own Resurrection Story

  1. Live in a heightened state of Awareness. Paying attention to life and others opens your heart and mind. As a result, you’ll begin to notice everything is made new with every breath you take and with every beat of your heart. You will notice all the little resurrections in life going on all around you.
  2. Stay in the present moment. The past is over; the future is unknown. Relish, cherish the present moment in your own Presence and in the Divine Presence.
  3. Listening to people is magic! When you look into someone’s eyes and listen, you are opening up their heart to resurrection and new life. Everyone wants to feel they are special enough, and what they say is important enough that someone really deeply listens to their life.
  4. Reverent respect. Our world is filled with disrespect these days. Every time you show respect for another person, yourself, an animal, a flower, you are lifting that being into the light. Showing Your reverent respect for all life creates healing, hope, and love.
  5. Showing Compassion. You open your heart, mind, and soul to the pain of someone else, and because of it, your energy can lead someone back home.
  6. Get enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm can recharge your life and others. Your energy can bring yourself and others back to life. “En” means in, and “Theus” means God. 
  7. Forgiving someone. You are resurrecting your SELF and the other person. You are releasing the bondage of unforgiveness and bringing your relationship back from death to life.
  8. Be grateful during your busy day. Every few hours, set your timer, and be grateful for something. You are bringing your heart, soul, and mind back to life when you break from your busy, chaotic day that is dead.
  9. Bring hope into someone’s life. When I have been in states of despair and loss, someone encouraging me with their own hope for me has led me out of the dark and resurrected me. Potent stuff. HOPE!
  10. Joy is infectious. Try to always bring joy into other’s lives. It is a potent elixir that will lift anyone out of their darkness. 
  11. Be kind. Kindness is incredibly healing energy. Kindness has literally saved my life. After my traumatic brain injury, my brain was damaged, and I became very depressed and suicidal. I wandered around a busy road, considering walking in front of a car and ending my physical and emotional pain. All of a sudden, a young man touched me on the shoulder and said, “are you okay, ma’am?” I burst out crying. This precious young man put his arm around me and took me to a bench where we sat and talked. He said he had driven by on his way to work and saw me staring as if I would walk in front of a car. So he turned his car around, even though he was late for work, and returned to save my life. He literally brought me from death to life with his kindness.
  12. Spiritual teachers can be a guiding light from a mundane life to a life of abundance and love. At Emory, Dr. Bill Mallard was my spiritual teacher. He lifted me from the depths of despair to a magical, rewarding life. He looked into me, through me, with his wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. I trusted him with my life. Find a spiritual teacher or become one for others. Dr. Bill Mallard resurrected my life, and because of it I owe him so much.
  13. Joining a group. Joining a group can help heal your wounds and can powerfully transform your life. Get in a group. There you will find the healing power of acceptance, wisdom, and the sharing of other people’s invaluable experiences of heaven and hell. A group is a unique and powerful opportunity for you to grow and be resurrected in innumerable ways.

Remember, this is the season of Spring and Resurrection 

You have an incredible opportunity to grow from the dead of winter. For example, you can remove the dead or destructive parts of your life. And as a result, you can be renewed each moment with small acts of resurrection in your own life, and in the lives of others.

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