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Creating Outer Space

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

May is National Meditation Month. Many people I talk with daily say they want to begin a meditation practice but always have a myriad of excuses: no time, no teacher, fear of the unknown, and confusion of what meditation really is. Meditation just means discovering and creating moments of serenity and peace in your life. Different people find meditation in many different ways.

It’s May, so it is a great time to create a small meditation space in your garden. Whether you have a small vegetable or flower garden, you can create space for you to discover a few precious moments of serenity. Place a chair, bench, or hammock in your garden. You might even place a bird feeder close so you can enjoy the beauty of your garden with the music of birds serenading you. I promise this gift has great health benefits. Plus, your new meditation garden will also become your personal spiritual oasis.

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