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Creating Your Authentic Life-Part 1

Many people die with their music still in them.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Discover Your SELF! Every person has a purpose or a calling. These questions will help you explore your passions, values and goals to discover greater meaning and purpose in your life. When I was in grad school and in my subsequent training we were required to go through a “Discernment Process.” This was a formal prescribed process set aside each day to examine the various facets of our lives to make sure we were living our authentic life.

Your authentic self may be sleeping and need some assistance to wake up. The nugget, the seed, the gift, your song is within you us waiting to be heard, nurtured and explored.

Set aside some time alone in a peaceful place. Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and mindfully answer these questions in a journal of your choosing. Your responses will give you valuable information that will lead you home to your authentic SELF.

This will be a two part series in our newsletters. I hope you share this with your friends and family so they can live out their deeper authentic life.

  1. Heroes/ Mentors 

What 3 people inspire you?

What 3 quotes speak to you?

What 3 authors speaks to you?

What 3 philosophers speak to your heart?

  1. Finding Home

What was your favorite place when you were a child?

What are your favorite places to visit now where you feel a powerful connection? Why?

How much time do you spend at a place where you connect to your mind, body and soul?

Can you plan to discover new places where you feel home and your soul feels nourished?

  1. Fear

 What are you most afraid of?

What situations, events or relationships make you anxious or feel uncomfortable?

What are your 5 greatest fears?

How can you address your fears that are distracting you from your authentic life?

  1. Passion

What excites you?

What makes your heart sing? Why?

When was the last time you experienced your passion?

What could you bring into your life to create more passion in your life?

  1. Power

What are you doing, where are you and when do you feel your greatest sense of authentic power?

How often in your current life are you experience your authentic power?

On a 1 to 5 scale, 1 being lowest and 5 being highest, what number would you choose to reveal the level of power you experience in your life now?

Are you intimated by powerful people?

  1. Gifts 

What are your gifts? Can you write, sing, do math, cherish animals, dig in the dirt or love technology?

What comes easy to you?

What do people comment on that you do well?

What gifts would you like to spend time cultivating in the future?

Take time to explore your life with these probing questions and look for Part 2 of this life changing guide in our next newsletter.


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