Ways To Cure Your Stress Hangover

When you go to bed feeling stressed you anticipate waking up feeling refreshed and renewed, but this isnÔÇÖt always the case. Sometimes we wake up feeling worse. Too much stress leads to┬ástress burnout. This feeling is sometimes known as a stress hangover.

Stress hangovers may occur after your body experiences an excess of stress hormones. When youÔÇÖre stressed you experience a rise in hormone levels including cortisol and adrenaline, which produces that fight or flight response. When youÔÇÖre stressed your body responds by seeking sugar. It may also cause your heart to race and forces you to concentrate. Too much stress it leads to an overabundance of these hormones, which can tire you out. You may feel unusually slow, restless and unable to sleep. This combination┬áof┬ástress and burnout┬áis a stress hangover.

Symptom Relief

To relieve your stress hangover symptoms itÔÇÖs important to remember: M.E.N.D. (ÔÇťMassages,ÔÇŁ Endorphins,ÔÇŁ ÔÇťiNteractions,ÔÇŁ and reduced ÔÇťDistractionsÔÇŁ). Find more Mindful Heath information on┬ástress burnout listed below.

  1. Massages.┬áWhen youÔÇÖre restless and unable to sleep consider getting a massage. The pressure and the motions of the massage can relax muscles, tendon, and ligaments. Massages can also reduce stress and anxiety during a stress hangover episode. Getting a massage from a professional at a spa is great, but it can be expensive. Also, consider buying a foot or back massager in order to relax more at home. Or ask a loved one for a massage.
  2. Endorphins.┬áExercising is one way you can boost your energy during a stress hangover episode. When you exercise your body releases endorphins that can lower your stress levels and increase your energy. So, when youÔÇÖre stressed at night consider doing light stretches before bed. To reduce stress during the day try taking the stairs instead of the elevator or taking a walk on your lunch break.
  3. Interactions.┬áWhen youÔÇÖre feeling slow and sleepy from stress hangover the last thing you may feel like doing is socializing, but talking through your troubles can be helpful. Having close relationships and friendships can help with your mental health. Consider talking to someone you trust or sharing a laugh with a loved one.
  4. Distractions.┬áFocusing on the worries that cause you to stress will only make your stress hangover worse. Instead, consider finding mindful distractions. Research shows that taking a mental break when youÔÇÖre stuck on a stressful problem can help you find a solution and peace. Consider listening to music or taking up a craft project like drawing, knitting, or origami-making. Is your home a mess? Consider tidying up, it can help you feel better organized and clear-headed.┬á