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Cute Summer Office Décor

by MLN Staff

Spending the lovely summer weather cooped up in the office can drive you crazy. If you have office fever, consider changing up your work environment. Adding a few fun desk accessories with a summer motif can help keep you calm around the office.

8 Fun Summer Office Decor

Desk hammock

If you want to kickback and relax while you’re at work, then this is the desk accessory for you! These miniaturized hammocks attach to your desk and allow you to rest your feet as you work. It’s a fun way to bring summer to your office space.

Summer mouse pads

Getting a new mouse pad is one of the simplest ways to give your desk a summer-like feel. Try mouse pads that feature summer classics like a watermelon watercolor mouse pad or a mouse pad with ice cream or banana leaves on it. Is the beach calling you? Try a mouse pad that features an ocean wave or surfboards.

Desk mats

Also, consider getting a desk mat. Desk mats can serve as organizers with built in calendars and storage or as extra long mouse pads. Either way, desks mats can give your desk a fresh update. Consider buying brightly colored desk mats with a protective, waterproof covering. Or consider buying an extra long, extra soft desk mat with an ocean scene.

Themed pencil holders

While you’re switching out your mouse pad don’t forget to switch out your pencil holder as well. You can buy bright, colorful pencil holders, a pineapple pencil cup, or a pencil cup that looks like a beach pail. You can make your own pencil holder, too. Simply wrap a metal can with rope and hot glue the edges down. This creates a nautical pencil cup.

Desk planter

Bring the outdoors indoors by buying a colorful desk planter with a colorful plant. You can buy some beautiful porcelain planters for an elegant desk setting. Or, if you’re looking for something small, try a colorful pod planter or a cute whale planter to continue your beach theme.

Desk fan

This may not look like a summer accessory, but it will definitely feel like one. If you like to work with a light breeze in the air, buy a small desk fan. You can find small fans online or in some stores. There are some plug-in and battery operated varieties.

Bright desk chair covers

Want to update your desk chair without having to buy another one? Invest in a slipcover. The covers easily attach to the seat and backrest of your chair. There are also some specially made covers for the armrests. You can buy covers in bright summer colors, including green, yellow, and pink. Here’s one example.

Fun seat cushions

A poorly cushioned desk chair is more than just an inconvenience it’s literally a pain in the behind. If your office won’t spring for a new chair consider investing in a new cushion. There are many varieties for you to choose from including some fun summer designs. For example, these cushions come in cute fruity colors.

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